Behaviour Standards Policy

Here at Howley Hall Golf Club, we take pride in creating a safe, enjoyable environment for our members and guests. While we encourage interaction and socialising, we will not tolerate violent, anti-social or abusive language or behaviour towards staff or customers on our course or in/around our premises.
The use of swearing and foul language will not be tolerated, and individuals will be asked to moderate their language or be instructed to leave should they refuse.
Staff have the right to refuse alcohol sales or services in instances where a customer is intoxicated, rude or abusive.
Everyone, visiting or working for Howley Hall Golf Club, must always uphold the law regarding Human Rights and Equality, treat all people fairly, impartially and with respect. Ensuring all behaviour and language could not reasonably be perceived to be abusive, oppressive, offensive or victimising by the public or colleagues.
We thank our members and guests for their cooperation regarding this policy and encourage you to join us time and time again for drinks and great atmosphere.