2023 Membership

Prices exclude locker fees (£30 large / £5 small) but are inclusive of England Golf and Yorkshire Union of Golf Club Fees. 2023 subscriptions also include a County Card.

If you are considering joining a golf club only 5 miles from Leeds city centre and within minutes of the M62 and M1 motorways, then Howley Hall should feature highly on your shortlist.

Howley Hall has a long history of welcoming new members and integrating them into the many playing sections within the club.

For an unrivalled combination of good golf, great facilities and a very active social scene, Howley Hall is unbeatable.

Our membership prices for 2023 can be seen below.

All under 30 prices are based on a 7 day membership.

Please contact the office to secure your Howley Hall Golf Club membership.

01924 350 100 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)

Membership Type Price Joining Fee Waiting List
7 Day £1296 £400 No
6 Day £1190 £300 No
5 Day £1031 £200 No
Age 28-29 £776 N/A No
Age 26 -27 £676 N/A No
Age 24-25 £576 N/A No
Age 22-23 £476 N/A No
Age 19-21 £326 N/A No
Age 16-18 £176 N/A No
Age 14-15 £126 N/A No
Age 12-13 £76 N/A No
Age 5-11 £20 N/A No