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If you are considering joining a golf club only 5 miles from Leeds city centre and within minutes of the M62 and M1 motorways then Howley Hall should feature highly on your shortlist. Howley Hall has a long history of welcoming new members and integrating them into the many playing sections within the club. For an unrivalled combination of good golf, great facilities and a very active social scene Howley Hall is unbeatable.
The club currently has vacancies for new members in all categories. If you wish to apply for membership please contact our Managing Secretary Stuart Carnie on 01924 350106/

In common with most highly regarded golf clubs in the area an entrance fee is payable by all Full, Gold and Silver Members. 
2019 Membership Category Subscription fees can be viewed below.
Subscriptions can be paid in full; by 9 monthly direct debit payments.

Due to demand, the age from which Junior Membership is available is now 5 years old for boys and girls. The club's Professional Team run regular fun filled group coaching sessions available to all Juniors to help them learn the game and make new friendships. 

Country Membership

Only available to former members who have left the area. Contact our Managing Secretary for further details£500.00


Full Membership

7 day membership play from any tee
Joining Fee£660.00 over 3 years or £600 at time of joining
Membership Fee 2019£1020



Yellow & Red Tees only. No play prior to 2.30pm on Saturday
Joining Fee£660 over 3 years or £600 at time of joining
Membership Fee 2019£960



Red tees only. No play prior to 4.30pm on Saturdays
Joining Fee£560.00 over 3 years or £500 if paid in full at time of joining
Membership Fee 2019£870


Social Membership

Current Member Spouse£5.00
General Social Membership£35.00


Current fees for Young Adult or Student Member

Full Time Student£395.00


Current fees for Junior Membership

Boys and Girls age groups
5 to 11£25.00
12 to 14£50.00
15 to 16£110.00
17 to 18£210.00
19 to 20£310.00


Additional items to note:
* A Joining Fee will be charged for those joining at ages 21 to 25 at 50% of subscription amounts with an option of payment over three years.
Locker rents remain unchanged at £25 for a full locker and £5 for a shoe locker.
A Subrciption Levy of £75 will be applied to all members 19 years old and above, this will be credited to each members card.

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With the following restrictions: Preferred Lies, Fairway Mats, No Trolleys, No Buggies 3rd & 12th greens temporaries.
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